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I’m Back to Freelancer Life

August 1, 2020

May be Allah wants me to learn, that unexpected moment will come to those who though and can pass this situation. Some people got shocked, some others cool as an ice like me hehe.


Because, I used to be a freelancer for 2 years and It’s like I have finish my job and waiting another job to come. That’s what I feel. So If you asking me my feeling right now? I’m totally okay! I can back to my routine, chill more often, play with my son everyday without guilty and being me freely.

I believe, when God has to close one door then He will open another. It happen when I choose to off from work in 2017 when I’m pregnant. I can love me more, know my strenght. It’s okay, may be not this time, may be not this place. Life after corona ends will be more beautiful!


Karina Kamil

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