Life Is About Give and Give

January 4, 2021
Looking at this sea, give us serenity’s. So calm, peaceful. 📍Pasir Putih Beach, PIK 2

Life lesson that I learn during 2020 year, is not about what we took but what we have given. The return is not the true value, but genuine feelings, sincerely.

Mix feeling trough this year, I made my most memorable moment in 2020. Actually, a lot, may be more than 10. But I made a brief because all I wanna remember about this year has not about what cursing it but blessed of it. Perhaps, not a toxic positivity for me, just reminder behind the bad has the good side.

I was hearing this song while writing this post. My current favorite series from Netflix, Bridgerton.
1. #GalaSemesta staycation di RSPP karena harus surgery after his burn accident. Kurang lebih 1 minggu kita bertiga di Burn Unit dengan bergelimang air mata. Never forget that moment
2. Finally bisa kerja team lagi as creative freelance ngerjain Grabfood Live Streaming dengan team sat set solid, walaupun pake sakit mata dulu but show must go on. Makasih bu @kipiykipiyku & teh @d_karlina
3. Finally lagi setelah 2 tahun freelancer akhirnya bisa kerja full time lagi as Online Content Producer, thank you bos @eraldhys masukin gw ke tim Digitalnya. But then the pandemics hit the town. Seminggu ngantor sisanya WFH-zoom meeting-WFH-zoom meeting-WAG 🥲
4. The most sad moment when I can’t made it to my sister’s wedding. Sedang puncak-puncaknya pandemik and I choose to attended virtually because too risky for my baby and family here. Glad she is pictured happy face back then 🥲
5. Impulsively got my nose pierced 🥲
Hari dimana pertama kali mall buka dan WFO, won’t regret it, precisely 🥲
6. Picture of my KIS 95.1 FM half family. Because the pandemic affected the bussiness, gw pun dirumahkan 🥲
7. Tapi abis itu dapet rejeki lagi bantuin ibu-ibu gaul edgy ku @kipiykipiyku @d_karlina dan adik @rebaruno 🥲
8. My baby turning 2 yo, how fast time is flying by 🥲
9. My baby @tytyneeds born, still survive 🥲
Sebenernya lebih dari sepuluh moment sih apalagi ketemu teman-teman baru di dunia fashion, feel blessed 💕
10. The more times and days and years with you guys at 2021

But now I’m feeling unmotivated to do anything, end up logging out my Instagram and focusing on my self, blogging, twitter to cursing all of you haha just kidding. I just need my time to make up and get back at it again. Perhaps will do more stuff to post my daily on my blog, need your support for my consistency.

See you soon pals!

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